Hamburger Community of Art

I’m happy to share that I’ve been selected as one of the 5 residents of the Hamburger Community of Art at Roodkapje Rotterdam. For a year we will work in a shared studio space and use the spaces for experiment, exhibitions and workshops!


With the Hamburger Community of Art (HCA) Roodkapje will provide a year-long artistic development program for emerging artists. During this year, Roodkapje aims to equip the selected artists – as well as the audience – with skills to be resourceful and self-sufficient in assembling diverse voices through training, mentoring (by a.o. Rory Pilgrim and Nada van Dalen) and with support in organizing events, presentations and workshops. The HCA will produce and host cultural events, social activities and projects that will be open to all audiences. Please keep an eye on our socials for the HCA public program. More.

Really looking forward to all projects that are lining up. Will keep you updated!

Exciting news

My work will be supported by the Mondriaan Fund in 2019! I am extremely humbled and can’t wait to start this new chapter.
Next to this grande news other projects are also lining up for the next year - more on that very soon.


Watch Method now!


Method is available now to be watched from your VR set or other devices.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or suggestions. A higher quality file will be uploaded in the near future when this is supported.

Click here to read more about the work.

Method is here

13.2 Loosener 2.jpg

Over the last few weeks I've been busy creating a VR film during my residency at Het Resort. On this piece I've worked together with 9 fantastic performers who executed 17 instructions based on flow of movement, stillness, repetition and connection. The film is on view from Friday 29.6 at Het Resort (and every Friday until mid July at Friday Nite) in the Machinefabriek Groningen. The film will be available for purchase very soon (with additional items).

Method is the final work in the trilogy I've started building since last year with 'island' and 'Evolver'. The closing of this chapter allows me to take time to reflect and collect new information to explore. 

Thank you and see you soon!

Residence at Het Resort

Last week Hilde Onis, Emilio Veendorp and I started our residence at Het Resort. For a month we will work on new art together and wrap it up with a show on June 29th.

We will hijack the Instagram page of Het Resort every now and then, so keep your eyes locked on that! 


New Evolver instructions

I made a new set of instructional videos for my project Evolver. All based on flow of movement and finding connection within them. 

Challenging my inner Kate Bush in 'Waver' 〰️

You can find all videos with typed instructions on the Evolver website

Travel Evolver around the globe

After four months of experimenting, installing the performance and talking with participants, the platform for mindful movement is now ready to be hosted by others. 
You'll only need an audience, a printer and space. 

Click here for more info 〰️  

Energy field build with  ETTO MTAL

Energy field build with ETTO MTAL

The Runner

Evolver, an open-source performance piece, researches awareness of the self through conscious movement of the body. A work in progress, Evolver grows with each iteration.

In the work, the audience member participates actively, executing actions written on provided instruction cards. Through repetition of movements and an emphasis on concentration, focus, determination, strength and mindfulness, the actions motivate the participant to find a center within.
With this open format, the work can be performed or hosted by anyone, provided they use the exact same setup.

The execution of these actions will take place within an energy field— a clear rectangular area on the floor—giving the participant a space in which to find focus.

Visit for the latest updates on the project 

Special thanks to:
Femke de Vries , John Isaac Gonzales, Mark BerryRajiv Khanna and Jennifer Garcia for making this project possible.

Greetings from the Bay Area

Dear friends, i'm in San Francisco right now making new work! 🦕 
It's so exciting because the city is giving me a lot of energy to work with. This is my second time here, and I feel like I'm picking up where I left the last time with my affection for the city growing fonder.

Right now I am in residence at Safe House Arts for three months, creating new work. I am continuing where I left with my graduation work island and trying to figure out new ways of audience participation.

I will keep you updated!

Schermafbeelding 2018-05-28 om 19.35.19.png

island featured in Metropolis M

Get a copy of the latest Metropolis M because you'll get the graduation special with it - and my work is featured in it. Awesome to be in it next to all these other great artists.

Click image to proceed to Metropolis M