Over the moon

We’re so grateful for all the love island received the past few days and the beautiful Klaas Dijkstra Academy Award 2017. Thanks so much! 🐋

Find island in room b.10 during the graduation show ‘Perspectives’ at Academie Minerva until July 13.

Documentation by Lisa Jasperina Bommerson 
Click here for the island website


Documentation by Lisa Jasperina Bommerson 
Click here for the island website


Thanks to Jedidja Smalbil for this awesome photo. 
Performed by Klaske, Sophia, Angelos, Bob and Jochem


24 hour Residency

I'll be doing a 24 hour residency in collaboration with Floor Schothorst, next week at Kunsthuis SYB.

We're gonna to stay up for 24 hours and make work during these hours (and take long walks).

Click here for more info


I just came back from an amaaaaaazing residency in Dartmoor with the European Exchange Academy and am now busy with a new exhibition called: MEGA-CRY.

MAYDAYS Exhibition
Opens 29.5 at 6.00 PM [also open in lite-version from 26.5 to 28.5 from 4.00 to 9.00 PM]
Location: SKpN / Station Noord, Kastanjelaan 1

Better get your tissues ready, boy. 

Floor Schothorst
Henna Nerg
Jasper Scholma
Marusa Uhan
Mylan Hoezen





‘Nothing really mattress’ … as Lola said someday

This is performance 3/7 and is part of the Koepelzaal Expositie (the ever changing exhibition from 3rd year Fine Art students, at Minerva). 

Check it out. I’ll be cozy.

Photo by Marusa Uhan

Photo by Marusa Uhan



I’m currently executing various acts that form a series together. This is a still from the video ACT 4 which will be shown next week during the Koepelzaal Exhibition at Minerva! More later …